The "Mrs Ha" stall sits directly across from the Sun Boat Hotel in Hoi An and is operated by eponymous Mrs Ha herself. Mrs Ha holds an almost legendary status amongst the tourists here. 
Sipping on a beer at one of her two small tables she has set up by the water, we tell her about our holiday, as she listens gleefully. In a brief tender moment, she tells us of her hard days travelling all the way to Da Nang selling food as a street vendor; and of her father's death in '73, as a soldier fighting the Americans. 
Two Australians meander out of the hotel and immediately turn to her and ask "Big rain, or little rain."
"Little rain" she replies, not missing a beat. Comforted they won't be soaked, and with full faith in Mrs Ha, they make their way into town. "I can get you anything you need here. Just ask Mrs Ha!" she exclaims to us. 
She proudly shows us her notebook full of glowing reviews from travellers, all of them raving about their long chats with her and the invaluable advice they received. Her shifts are long: some begin at 4am and finish at midnight, yet she has an unfaltering smile for all of those twenty hours. 
Over the coming days, we watch tourists and expats recognise each other and engage in casual catch-ups. Bemused, I asked the aforementioned Australian man, Jason, if we'd coincidentally stumbled across an unofficial club at the Sun Boat Hotel. "I think so." He replies. "But we don't come here for the hotel; we all come here for Mrs Ha."